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About the Organiser

The Melbourne Chinatown Association is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit community organisation that promotes social cohesion through cultural exchange and enriches the Melbourne community through the delivery of major cultural celebrations and community events.

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The Importance of Chinatown

Melbourne's Chinatown is the longest, continuous Chinatown in the Southern hemisphere. The historic precinct was established by Chinese migrants during the Victorian gold rush era in the 1850's. 

The Chinese Lunar New Year Festival is the best opportunity to celebrate the vibrant heritage amongst Chinese diaspora and give back to our multicultural community to promote the Asian-Australian identity to the wider community, fostering social cohesion. 


Chinese Lunar New Year (春节) 

Chinese Lunar New Year marks the beginning of a calendar year based on the cycles of the moon. It's a time of joyous celebration, deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions and customs.


During this auspicious period, families come together in a vibrant expression of unity and heritage. Homes are adorned with red decorations, symbolizing good fortune and happiness. Relatives share feasts, featuring dishes like dumplings and fish that signify prosperity whilst red envelopes known as 'hongbao' are handed to the next generation.


It is on this day that the air resonates with the crackle of fireworks with families exchange stories and hopes for the year ahead, creating a tapestry of cultural continuity and familial warmth.

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